Who We Are

Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church is located in suburban Chesterfield County, Virginia, right off
the Powhite Parkway (Route 76).

Founded in 1900, the congregation is Christian in faith and Baptist in the best of that heritage. Believers and seekers of many backgrounds find a spiritual home at Central.

Central’s Call…God’s Kingdom

In the winter of 2011, Central began to seek and renew a shared vision of God’s calling for us as a congregation. After a series of congregational conversations, much work by the visioning team, and the guidance of the Center for Congregational Health, we presented the outcome of the vision process at a celebration on June 5th, 2011. The full report is known as Central’s Call…God’s Kingdom.

We are now in the implementation phase of the vision journey.

The implementation team meets on a monthly basis to plan and assess the activation of each initiative. The vision is meant to be forward-looking – to that which God may be calling us, both today and in the future.

For more information, contact any member of our ministry staff.

Strategic Initiatives

The following strategic initiatives now guide our ministry:

WORSHIP: With God as our audience, Central will come together to celebrate being the people of God and will be sent out as the presence of Christ.

STEWARDSHIP: Central is a church in which every member is generous with their time, talents, and treasures.

DISCIPLESHIP: Central is a church in which every member is actively increasing in biblical literacy.

MISSIONS: Central is a church in which every member embraces a missional lifestyle in our homes, in our community, and in our world.

MINISTRY TO CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Central will be known in the community as the church that ministers to children, youth, and their families.

COMMUNICATION: Central is a church that communicates effectively and efficiently with its members and the community.

If you have a particular interest or want to know more about any of these areas, contact our ministry staff or a member of the Vision Implementation Team.

There are many areas in which to serve; planning and learning conversations are being held in every area.

To receive a copy of the entire vision report, please contact the office.

Our Baptist Identity

Baptist churches are organized as locally autonomous congregations, meaning that every Baptist church is free to work and minister as it chooses.

Baptist churches worship, work, minister, and fellowship as led by the Spirit of Christ, and each is governed solely by members of the local congregation.
Our Central Baptist Church family ministers in community, ever mindful that we can accomplish more together than we can as individuals. And, as Baptists, we believe that we are all ministers to each other.

We are members of several larger organizations that allow us to partner with other congregations to do mission work in a larger context, serving both locally and globally. We believe that we can follow Jesus best when we partner with other Christians beyond our local congregation.

Our Baptist Partnerships include:

  • Middle District Baptist Association
  • Baptist General Association of Virginia
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia)
  • Baptist World Alliance
(Historical relationship exists also with the
Southern Baptist Convention)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Baptists are we?

We are moderate/progressive Baptists, welcoming all people; and, even though we may not all think the same way, we come together to do the work of ministry, united in the call to love others as God loves us. We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus with open arms and open doors. The table of Christ is wide and all are welcome.

Are we the kind of Baptists who affirm women in leadership?

Yes. At Central, women serve in all areas of ministry within the church. We ordain women to the ministry and to serve as deacons. Moreover, we believe that all children of God are called equally to serve, as led by the Holy Spirit.

What Bible translation do we use?

Folks are free to choose their own – or better yet, more than one! Reading in worship is typically from the New Revised Standard Version, but not exclusively.


Central Baptist Church was born out of a relationship with Bethlehem Church, and was officially organized on April 1, 1900, and the Rev. S.P. DeVault served as its first pastor.

The original building was constructed at that time, and then in 1958 a new building was raised, and serves as our worship, study, and fellowship space today. The parsonage was completed in 1948. Today, that parsonage serves as the administrative building where staff are located.

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