We at Central Baptist strive to be the presence of Christ for our community, our state, our country, and our world; to be the good news of God’s love by our actions and not just our words; to live our lives in light of the divine image placed within each human.

We are ever seeking to participate in what God is doing in bringing creation into a more wholistic state of being, both locally and globally. This means seeking and serving those who are in need, oppressed, or marginalized by addressing individual needs as well as systemic issues. We as a congregation can only do so much, so we are always looking for new opportunities to partner with other churches and non-profits in pursuing this effort. Opportunities for serving in creative ways abound, from serving in our Broken Loaves Food Pantry, helping with our Providence Elementary School partnership, to joining of our many collections throughout the year for those in need in our community. For more about any of our mission opportunities, contact us.

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