Pastoral care is one of the joys of ministry. Our staff is well-trained and welcomes the opportunity to be of spiritual support. As congregationally-based clergy, our pastors are gifted at addressing general and introductory needs, including those related to the major life events of our membership. Part of that ministry involves being able to recognize deeper needs when they exist, and so they also maintain connections with a wide network of local counselors for instances in which more specialized care may be beneficial. To make an appointment with one of the pastors, please contact the church office at 794-8055.

Deacon Care

Our deacons work in concert with the pastoral staff to provide care for our membership. Deacons are church members who are ordained to the calling of basic support for families and individuals throughout the various seasons of life. They visit the sick, the homebound, the hospitalized, and look after the spiritual welfare of our membership. By staying in touch with their assigned members, they play a key role in ensuring that the pastoral staff and wider church know of the needs and life events of our fellowship. Deacons can be found praying with friends, bringing meals to homes at the arrival of a baby or loss of a loved one, and even serve communion. Serving as a deacon is a high calling; deacons are nominated and affirmed by the congregation, and generally serve three-year terms. At Central, our deacons serve in teams of 5-7 to care for a shared group of families and individuals. We joyfully affirm that both men and women are called by God to serve as deacons.

Premarital Counseling

Couples seeking to be united in marriage with the support of our ministry staff are required to engage in premarital counseling. Premarital counseling is an educational, multi-session process facilitated by the pastor that helps couples to prepare for the covenant of marriage. For more about weddings at Central and/or inviting one of our ministers to serve as your officiant, please contact Nicole Averette.

Hope After Loss

Hope After Loss is an ongoing support group for adults living with significant loss and grief, such as the death of a spouse. Meetings are monthly (usually 3rd Thursdays at 1 p.m.) and the content evolves, based on the needs of the group. Participants gather for a support meeting most months and go out for a lunch social several times a season. Meetings are facilitated by a pastoral counselor and socials are planned by the group. To find out whether Hope After Loss is for you or someone you know, or to learn about other forms of grief support, please contact David Turner.

​Hope After Loss has helped me through the grieving process. Being with others going through the same feelings of loss is a great comfort. Knowing we are here for those who also have experienced loss and can give them comfort makes the group stronger.” — Barbara C.

​Hope After Loss is a loving support group where one can share the hurt of loss and offer support to others who are walking through a similar experience.” — Betty T.

I am very happy that I started coming to Hope After Loss. The people are really friendly and made me feel welcome the first time I came. Now I consider them friends. We talk about the different stages of grief and how we each deal with them. It’s good fellowship, also.” — Barbara K.