Those of us worshiping as a part of the Central community are invited and encouraged to support our ministry partners generously. We give to support missionaries who are specifically trained and hold expertise for their fields – essentially, those who are prepared to do the things that many of us cannot.

Special, seasonal offerings are received to support particular agencies. Throughout the year, however, through “cooperative giving” a percentage of all of our general offerings is set aside for missions and ministries. Per our Baptist tradition, individuals have the freedom to choose which mission agency/ies they would like their offering to support (i.e., VBMB, CBF, SBC, a combination).

The missions percentage from those gifts which remain undeclared will go to the standing mission plan that our church has on file with the Virginia Baptist Mission Board. To designate the mission percentage of your regular tithes and offerings to a particular denominational partner, please leave a message in the main office for Nicole Averette, financial assistant.