The Central Baptist Church Endowment Fund offers us the chance to share our faith with the future. The Fund serves as a means by which those who hold dear Central Baptist Church may give financial gifts or property to be invested for the purposes of supporting and sustaining the facilities, missions, and ministries of the church.

The Fund is meant for the future. It will strengthen and undergird opportunities for ministry that God will give to those who come after us.

In addition to our regular tithes and offerings (that are so very important), the Endowment Fund offers yet another opportunity for generosity – especially planned generosity. Generally, gifts to the Fund are above and beyond our ongoing financial commitments to the church. The Endowment Fund is part of an overall stewardship strategy that demonstrates both faithfulness to the everyday needs of the church, as well as confident hope in that which God will do through future generations.
For more, view our brochure: The Central Baptist Church Endowment Fund.

To make a gift, including through your estate plans, please contact any member of the CBCEF board of directors or speak with our pastor. To be connected with the board, simply contact the church office. Those currently serving are:
Jo Lynne DeMary
Kerri Gordon
Mandy Hamner-Ford
B. J. Meredith
Bill Pearce
Cindy Shumaker, Chair
Joe Zevnik
David Turner, Pastor (ex officio)