There are three ways to become a member:

  • Baptism – coming to share with the congregation that you have received Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Transfer of Church Membership – from another Baptist church.
  • Statement of Faith in Christ – and previous baptism.
  • You may express your desire to become a church member by:
    • Going forward during the hymn of response and sharing your decision with the Pastor.
    • Scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our ministers.

Letter from the Pastor

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Central Baptist Church! If you are new to our church, we hope you will quickly feel at home. If you are a new member, we hope you already feel like a vital part of our church family, because you are. If you are not familiar with Central Baptist Church, we hope that the material here will help you learn more about our church.

Speaking of family, we are a family of faith seeking to know Christ and make him known. We are a family of faith… That means we place a high value on our community. Our goal is not to be a collection of familiar strangers, but a spiritual family that shares life together through the bonds of Jesus Christ.

Seeking to know Christ… Our first order of business at Central is to know Jesus Christ in an intimate way. This process of coming to know Jesus, or Christian formation, is at the top of our to-do list through our various ministries.

And make him known. Once we know Jesus, we cannot be satisfied keeping him to ourselves. Our mission is to be the presence of Christ through word and deed in our community and around the world, inviting others to know the same Jesus we know and love.
This is our mission. This is our dream. Please join us as we seek, with God’s help, to make this dream a reality!

With warmest regards,
J. David Turner
Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church